The following articles are a sampling of the many updates that Chamber members receive on a regular basis about the Public Policy and Legislative happenings in our state.  To be in the know, to have information at your fingertips to make your voice timely and powerful, you need to join the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce.  We work hard to Activate and Educate our members on Public Policy.

  • Where Health-Care Legislation Stands

    Where Health-Care Legislation Stands Rep. Greg Walden says a bill will be on the president’s desk before August Businesses are watching closely as Senate Republicans try to hash out a deal on a GOP version of health-care reform to replace the Affordable Care Act. Whether they can bridge their divisions, however, remains to be seen. […]

  • Governor Kate Brown Visits McMinnville, Oregon

    On May 16, 2017, MEDP hosted Oregon Governor Kate Brown and state partners, including the Director of Regional Solutions and the Jobs and Economy Policy Advisor, Jason Lewis-Berry, and Assistant Director of Business Oregon and Director of Infrastructure Finance Authority of Business Oregon, Chris Cummings. They spent the day in McMinnville learning about the community. […]

  • Editorial: Some good and bad in state transportation plan

    Editorial: Some good and bad in state transportation plan Published May 9, 2017 at 03:11PM / Updated May 9, 2017 at 07:11PM – Bend Bulletin Legislators are scheduled to start debating Wednesday what parts they like and don’t like in a proposed state transportation plan. They should start by stopping the push to take money […]

  • Senate passes bipartisan overtime fix

    Senate Republican Office Update: April 25, 2017 Today, the Senate unanimously approved a proposal carried by Senate Republican Deputy Leader Tim Knopp, of Bend, to fix overtime pay calculations. Knopp released the following statement: “Oregon is an export-dependent state and Senate Bill 984 helps ensure Oregon industries can create jobs and continue contributing the economy. […]

  • Gov. Kate Brown approves hiring freeze, other state cuts

    Gov. Kate Brown approves hiring freeze, other state cuts BY ANNA MARUM // *protected email* Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order Thursday that freezes the hiring of certain state employees for two months and reduces spending on state employee travel and building leases. The governor did not hold a press conference for the signing. Chris Pair, […]

  • 2017 Legislative Bills and Priorities

    2017 LEGISLATIVE BILLS AND PRIORITIES April News from Oregon State Representative Ron Noble Hello Friends, As we move into the Spring season, things are moving at a fast pace in the House of Representatives.  I’d like to give you an update on my legislative priorities, the visitors we have had in the past month, as […]

  • 2017 Legislative Session Half Way Point

    2017 Legistlative Session Half Way Point Oregon State Legislature sent this bulletin at 04/21/2017 03:10 PM PDT News From Oregon State Representative Bill Post Tuesday April 18 was an important date in this session.  That was the “deadline day” for bills to be passed out of the originating chamber committee in either the House or […]

  • Newberg- Dundee Bypass Update

    Newberg- Dundee Bypass Update From: Dave Haugeberg During the meeting on Monday, March 27 with Representative Ron Noble, we discussed the importance of the Bypass. Here is what Rep. Noble suggested for talking points that you can use to share your story with the legislature on the importance of the Bypass. The competition for projects to […]

  • McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Update – April 20, 2017

    McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Update – April 20, 2017 On Tuesday, the legislature had a deadline to move bills out of committee. With the thousands of bills being considered, it was a monumental task and, as you can imagine, many bills did not make it out of committee and died. Tax and budget bills […]