Chamber Travels

So Why Travel with the Chamber?

Traveling to far away places can be a little overwhelming for anyone and when you add in all the costs, contacting hotels, scheduling transportation…whoa it becomes a lot to do!

So here is our solution: Let us, and our wonderful travel agents, do all the worrying for you!

Why travel with a Chamber of Commerce group?  Here are two good reasons:

  1. The McMinnville Chamber of Commerce is focused on issues facing Commerce in our community.  As the world shrinks thanks to technology and the speed of travel, customers and suppliers are often found all over the world which has impacts on our local commerce.  While we aren’t saying that everyone going on a trip is a business representative looking to buy or sell we are confident that the experience of setting foot in a country outside of the USA will provide the traveler with a better understanding of different cultures, climates, and the world as a whole.
  2. Simply put a strong sense of community is gained through travel with strangers.  When you leave on your trip you most likely will not know most of your fellow companions well, but when you come back home get ready to have some fantastic stories and new relationships!

Below you will find links to the current trips that we are working with along with the right people to contact if you are interested in the trip.  Don’t forget, when you send your interest make sure you tell them you are a friend of the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce.  Our community (anyone in Oregon or anyone you know that wants to join) is welcome to partake of these travels benefits.  Bon Voyage!

China Trip 2016 Costa Rica Trip 2016 Amsterdam and the Norwegian Fjords