Starting a Business in McMinnville

Let’s Get Your Business Started Right

The McMinnville Chamber of Commerce is always happy to hear about new business ideas in our town.  Sometimes having the business idea is the easy part because it comes from a passion or desire that gives us drive and focus.  The harder work comes in making sure you are on the right track legally and economically.

On this page you will find resources and checklists to help you get started right, from the first step of the journey you want to start well.

You need professionals in your corner

Thankfully the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce has an amazing network of highly dedicated professionals who can provide you with advice, tools, and services that will help you start up quickly and with assurance.

You will want to know someone in the following categories.  It never costs to call and make a connection so check out these Chamber Members and ask for a meeting!

Economic Development Accounting Bookkeeping Marketing/Branding Financial Adviser/Banker HR Consultant Lawyer Professional Services

How to find stats for your business plan.

Writing a business plan is A Big Hairy Audacious Goal! And it should be because it make you think through the Good stuff (easy) and the Hard Stuff (bad).  Most business plans need you to do a proforma, an analysis on your market and what your first five to ten years will look like. It has been hard to find market level community data until now!  Business Oregon has developed and made public (and FREE) an amazing tool that lets the user dive deep into demographics, spending, community, income, etc.

Oregon Prospector

State Registration?

Quite possibly you need to register with the state, but maybe not.  How do you find out?  The Secretary of State website is the one stop shop for these questions.

Oregon Secretary of State

Want to know if your name is already taken?

Before you buy business cards or letterhead, the web domain, or even a bumper sticker make sure that someone else isn’t using the business name that you’ve selected.

Search Business Names

Do you need a business license from
the City of McMinnville?

Here are the FAQ’s from the City’s Planning Department website.


Q: Do I need a license to operate a business in McMinnville?
A: No. The City of McMinnville does not require a business license.

Home-based Business License

Q: Do I need a permit to operate a business in my home?
A: Yes. Businesses operated, or based, from home are required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the Planning Department. An application form for this permit is available in the Planning Department, or can be downloaded from this site. Further information regarding Home Occupation Permits and the conditions under which they must operate are found in Chapter 17.67 of the McMinnville Zoning Ordinance.

Home-based Business Signage

Q: Can I place a sign on my house for my home-based business?
A: No signage is permitted, other than that which is permitted by Section 17.62.040 (Signs) of the Zoning Ordinance.