Our History

The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce is over 100 years old.  Actually older if you consider the organization before the filing for Non-for-Profit status in 1915.  Due to a rule of congress in 1913 organizations could become non-profit concerning the IRS if they were able to fit in certain categories.  Since 1915 the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce has been a 501c6 nonprofit working for the good of business in our community.

With that much history under our belts it would not be surprising that we would find some cool documents, photos, and videos from time to time.  Over time we’ve given many documents and forms to the Yamhill County Historical Society and other organizations, as well as suffering loss from fire and flooding in years long remembered.  We will place remaining documents that we find here to live in digital format.

If you have more to offer please never hesitate to reach out and email us at chamberinfo@mcminnville.org or call the office 503.472.6196.

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  • Untitled_07202016_021120 Untitled_07202016_021120_001 Untitled_07202016_021120_002 Untitled_07202016_021120_003 Letter received May 26 1929 from Duaghters of US War of 1812