Partnerships to Promote McMinnville

There’s a terrific synergy in the McMinnville business climate. Local community leaders collaborate together to promote a strong local economy. Living-wage jobs from a diverse business community contribute to a thriving economic base.

McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce formed a partnership in 2004 with the City of McMinnville, McMinnville Industrial Promotions, and McMinnville Water and Light to create the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership (MEDP).

MEDP provides a clear point of contact for prospective business developers. MEDP makes relocation information quickly accessible and assists with a timely and hassle-free venture.

Not only is McMinnville an attractive and friendly place to do business, it boasts many factors that help your bottom line. Local sources of low-cost and reliable water and power keep energy costs down. The availability of turn-key industrial buildings, plus a mix of distinct real estate options, keep McMinnville affordable.

McMinnville offers:

  • Lowest electricity rates in Oregon.
  • Lowest water rates in the region.
  • One-stop business development organization: MEDP.
  • County one-stop employment department: WorkSource Oregon.

The state of Oregon boasts its share of benefits for businesses, including:

  • No sales tax.
  • Competitive workers compensation rates.
  • No worldwide unitary tax.
  • No inventory tax.
  • No motor vehicle excise tax.
  • No direct levies on intangible properties such as stocks, bonds, and securities.

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