The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Sheyla Wulf-Howell of EMPWR USA, Inc as the Member of the Quarter.

Sheyla Wulf‑Howell stands out as an exemplary candidate for the Member of the Quarter for the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce due to her outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication to EMPWR during a period of significant transformation and growth. Here are the key reasons why she deserves this recognition:

  1. Leadership Through Transition: Sheyla has skillfully navigated EMPWR through the complexities of a new ownership transition. This critical phase demanded strategic vision, stability, and adept management to ensure a smooth handover and continued operational excellence. Her ability to maintain the company’s momentum and morale during this period is commendable.
  2. Expansion and Development: Under Sheyla’s guidance, EMPWR has embarked on an ambitious expansion of its plant. This construction project not only demonstrates her commitment to scaling the business but also highlights her capability to manage large-scale projects. Her oversight ensured that the expansion proceeded efficiently and effectively, laying the foundation for future growth.
  3. Employee Recruitment and Community Impact: Recognizing the importance of a strong workforce, Sheyla has been proactive in leading the team in recruiting new employees in McMinnville. Her efforts to attract and retain talent have strengthened the local economy and provided valuable job opportunities for the community. This focus on workforce development aligns with the Chamber’s mission to support local businesses and economic growth.
  4. Commitment to Excellence: Sheyla’s dedication to EMPWR’s success is evident in every aspect of her work. Her strategic initiatives and hands-on approach have not only driven the company’s growth but have also set new standards for operational excellence. Her commitment to fostering a positive and productive work environment has been instrumental in achieving these goals.

Sheyla Wulf‑Howell embodies the qualities of a leader who drives progress, inspires her team, and contributes positively to the community. Her exceptional performance and dedication make her a deserving candidate for the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce’s Member of the Quarter.

The Chamber is grateful to EMPWR USA, Inc. for their community leadership and support.

The Member of the Quarter award is given to employees of chamber members who show exemplary leadership and are champions for our community. Congratulations, Sheyla.

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