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Member Urbanbliss • McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce

1900 NE HWY 99W, Suite B
McMinnville, OR 97128

Phone: (503) 472-3097
Fax: (503) 883-0523

Tuesday // 9AM – 6PM
Wednesday // 9AM – 5PM
Thursday // 12PM – 8PM
Friday // 9:30AM – 2PM
Saturday // 9AM – 4PM

Roots, Beyond Roots

Wanda Stenkamp loves to serve others. She started her career early on in the “ORARNG”, Oregon Army National Guard and continued with it for 23 years. During her time in the ORARNG, Wanda worked in the Field Medical Hospital 41st Infantry Brigade and completed her career as an (E7) Platoon Sergeant.

Along with her career experience in the ORARNG, she started her cosmetology journey by graduating from the McMinnville Beauty College in 1982. Her first big gig out of school was when she was hired by Iona Harris, owner of Studio of Hair Design. Iona took Stenkamp under her wing and encouraged her to follow after her passion of cosmetology and making one feel confident in themselves. Iona not only passed along her clients but also her reputation in the McMinnville community to Wanda.

Through the years Wanda has owned and operated her own business for over 26 years. She founded Professional Plus and has continued to grow her business by moving her salon and expanding it for 17 years. She closed Professionals Plus and founded Urbanbliss Luxury Salon in 2004. Wanda welcomes new guests to her schedule and she specializes in customizing your own individual “look” for you! From color correction, hair styling, cutting, or just helping you to pick a style or color that will compliment you best!

Bettering Yourself Will Better Your Business

Wanda prides herself in bringing the best to the business.

According to Stenkamp, “to be established in this industry, one needs to continually educate themselves in the current trends, attend hair shows and takes classes each year to help gain business”. When you do these things to help better yourself and your business,” what you measure will treasure and what you treasure will grow”.

As a hair dresser, one of the most important things Wanda has seen is to, “keep consistency as a hair dresser for those your serve and to not bring apathy to your clients”.

For Stenkamp, “the best part about being a hairstylist, is the relationships you build and the stories you get to hear. By building the relationships first and then creating a trust level with the client that no matter the situation, you will always take care of them through the thick and thin with service backed up with a guarantee”.

A Sense of Pride

“The community of McMinnville and the greater area of Yamhill County is wonderful. There is a sense of respect you receive by this community as a business owner. Over the years she has seen The Downtown Association develop 3rd Street into greatness and change with now having so much to offer for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

The McMinnville Downtown Association and The McMinnville Chamber of Commerce has made a huge difference”.

She says, “by being a business owner and a member of The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce, it has given her a sense of pride to live in a town that is thriving, has remarkable history and truly wants to see you succeed by giving you the ability to grow and connect with other business owners”.