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Mar 282019

Keys to a Small Business Owner’s Peace of Mind

If you are a small business owner, you likely know that there are areas of focus that are important to your success. Our local SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) representative Bill Taylor has given us his “Keys to a small business owner’s peace of mind”.

*CASH FLOW – positive cash flow and its importance to your future success. The Cash Flow Statement shows you the movement of money in and out of your business; the inflows and outflows that determine the solvency of your business. A positive cash flow is good, a negative cash flow is, well, not so good.

*ATTRACTING NEW CUSTOMERS – Generating leads to gain new customers is difficult. Where do I advertise? How much time should I spend on social media and which is most effective? Identify your ideal customer/client; know where your ideal customer/client lives; be the answer to your customers pain points; and build partnerships by networking in the community where your customer lives.

*CUSTOMER LOYALTY – In today’s hyper connected world, word spreads fast and far. Online reviews can be good or bad for business. Managing it all while running a business can be tough. How are you developing and managing your customers by developing a consistently positive emotional experience when they purchase from you? THE CUSTOMER IS KING!

*MAKING PAYROLL AND MANAGING EMPLOYEES – Even if you have one employee, being in compliance with state and federal laws is necessary and can be time consuming. There are resources to help with HR issues, compliance and questions you may have. Ask your SCORE mentor, your chamber of commerce or association for help.

*YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE – Your company website: is it doing the job for you? Do you have goals for your site in terms of generating business? How are your social media accounts linked to your website? Online lead generation can help a business.

*NETWORKING – Join the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce, Young Professionals of Yamhill County or other networking organizations to help grow your business through local connections. Take the time and effort to meet and get to know new people at each meeting.

*RESOURCES – Take advantage of:

  • McMinnville Chamber of Commerce
  • SCORE Volunteers
  • SBA (Small Business Association)
  • Oregon Secretary of State Website

*KNOW YOUR COMPETITION – Work to stay one step ahead. What are they doing?

*TOUCH BASE with similar businesses in other markets/states. Find out what is working for them. See if there is a business association for your industry and learn what your colleagues are doing.

*HIRE A GOOD ACCOUNTANT/CPA – One you feel comfortable talking to. Get a referral from a friend or business colleague that you trust.

*CONTACT A SCORE MENTOR for FREE business advice. SCORE mentors have seen it all and can be a great resource for you and your business. They are knowledgeable and understand the challenges of being in a small business. You can reach the local SCORE office at (503)370-2896 or (503)857-0292 to make an appointment with an advisor.


Dec 162018

Continuing to Learn

When I joined my first chamber in 2011, I had, what I thought was, a good understanding of the chamber role in a community. Of course, I’d attended chamber events, connected with many members and thought I knew about the purpose of a chamber of commerce. Becoming the CEO of a chamber of commerce was eye-opening, to say the least.

Fast forward seven years, and I still am learning about a chamber of commerce. There is an old chamber adage: ‘if you’ve seen one chamber, you’ve seen one chamber’. In other words, they are all different. But really, are they?

A Historical Perspective

Chambers of commerce are the business hub of a community. In communities with a thriving chamber of commerce, you will find a thriving community of business. They go hand in hand. The first chamber of commerce was founded in Marseille in 1599, providing merchants, tradesmen, and craftsmen a forum to discuss issues they faced in their community. The Boston Chamber of Commerce organized the Boston Tea Party, launching the Revolutionary War. Chambers of commerce make a difference. They are the strongest and most important assembly of businesses in the world. Being a member of a chamber of commerce lends a business credibility in the marketplace and more importantly, a deeper connection to the community.

The chamber of commerce model has lasted for centuries because of its ability to provide value to members. Chambers do this through a variety of programs and services, providing members with exposure to markets, a voice on legislative issues and a place to gather to solve problems within a community.

Commitment to Community

The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to our community is no different than it was 100 years ago at its founding. The Chamber will continue to be the premier business association in McMinnville, provide our members with quality promotional opportunities, build strong networks and relationships, and provide education and awareness on public policy issues.

If you’d like to learn more about what the Chamber is doing for you, give us a call at 503-472-6196.

Gioia Goodrum, President & CEO • McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce

Gioia Goodrum, President/CEO

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