McMinnville Chamber Agrees to Manage 2014 Biggest Turkey.

Time to get ready for Biggest Turkey 2014

Time to get ready for Biggest Turkey 2014

It is time again for planning of the world’s BEST Biggest Turkey Contest.

In an effort to increase productivity and decrease headaches, the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce will take the helm in managing the planning and administrative tasks for our non-profit partners.  Since I’m new to my position, and to Turkey Rama in general, I’m excited about being hands on and in the midst of the awesomeness!

To help alleviate the administrative pain that a program this big can bring I’ve recruited a fantastic person to our team as the Chamber’s lead representative to this group: introducing Chelsea Paterson!  I’m excited for you to meet her and experience her talents and abilities.

The chamber will serve in a greater role than it has in years past.  We will keep the books and organization for this event for each non-profit.  We will help with the communication to the public and keep each non-profit on track.   But the main reason we want to be involved is so that you, the non-profit sponsor, will get the most benefit from your time and efforts and remain mission focused to your specific calling.

We would like to invite you to an initial meeting at the Chamber office (address below), February 26th at 1:30 pm.  There we will get together to set direction, brainstorm, provide feedback, set directions, set expectations, and get to know each other better.  If you cannot make this meeting do not fret, just let me know and we will send you meeting notes.  Also, if you have questions, call me right away and we’ll chat over all the questions you have.  Please RSVP to me so I know to expect you and have enough handouts.

A program that is as large as the Biggest Turkey must be run with excellence so that both community and non-profit benefit from involvement.  We are excited to partner in this, and to take a more active management role in this program.


Nathan Knottingham