Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays!

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During this time there are a lot of great activities to be had in our wonderful community.  The decorations look amazing and the happiness is contagious.  But, as with all seasons of increased foot traffic and tourism the business community must also maintain increased vigilance for safety in operations.  Some of our local members have already had criminal incidents this season and to help spread the message we are including a list from our local McMinnville Police Department of actions everyone can take to increase security in our community.

From Captain Dennis Marks:

The following tips for businesses should help prevent crimes or at least reduce the damage and theft potential.

  • If you don’t have a security camera in your store, install mirrors so you can keep an eye on the cash register(s) and the rest of the premises.
  • Don’t leave large amounts of cash in your register – empty it often during the day and keep it in a locked safe or other locked cabinet.
  • Make your bank deposits daily – don’t keep unnecessary cash in the store.
  • Based on the recent rash of burglaries I would recommend not leaving a till drawer with cash in it at or in the register.  That seems to be a primary target of the burglaries this week.
  • Note suspicious customers or people paying close attention to the activities and habits of your staff.  If something seems out of place call 503 434-6500 (non-emergency dispatch) and ask for an officer to check on the suspicious subject or situation.
  • Be neighborly with nearby businesses.  Learn to watch out for and communicate with each other.  This has a similar effect to developing a residential neighborhood watch.
  • We would also strongly recommend working cameras and alarms, but that is usually more complicated and expensive.

Thank you for operating a business in the McMinnville Area.  You are what helps make this such an amazing and vibrant community.

Best regards,


Nathan Knottingham