May 2nd is Lemonade Day McMinnville!

When: Most stands will be open by no later that 10 AM and will stay open until 4 or when they sell out of delicious Lemonade and treats.
Who: Over 200 Young Entrepreneurs will be delivering their lemonade to you, their wonderful customers.
Where: Stand are all over the town.  Use the map below to help plan your trips, but keep your eyes open on the way for other stands.
How Much: Each stand has developed their own pricing strategy, goods to sell, theme and marketing.  But from what we hear plan on Lemonade costing anywhere from $1 – $3 depending on what it’s made of and how big your serving will be!
Other useful information: Each Young Entrepreneur keeps all the money they make!  Ever dollar you spend stays local with these entrepreneurs.  They will have to repay their investors, and pay for the COGS (cost of goods sold), and the net income is theirs to spend, save, and share!
Please take lots of photos and email any you would like to share to nknottingham(a)  If you post them online please use hash-tag #MACLemonadeday.
Don’t see your stand listed?  Make sure to fill out this form before April 30th!  List your stand here.

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