Some things really are worth waiting for . . . and one of those has been the new Chamber website!

To say we’re excited by how it’s turned out is a huge understatement. Not only are the visuals eye-catching and color coordinated, the ease with which you can navigate to your favorite page makes it almost too easy!

We’re also thrilled to be able to add new information or update existing information at will and in real time (making changes to the old website could get expensive and there was always a time lag).

And the real bonus for our members is that they have the same ability to make immediate modifications to their proprietary information on our site via a secure portal.

Actually, the features and benefits of this new site go on and on.  I challenge you to play with it, adopt it, and make it your own, and by all means let us know if you have suggestions for improvement or discover a glitch in the works.  It’s not perfect yet but it’s soon going to be!

And once you’ve chosen this site to be your first choice for information about your Chamber and the community, I’ll be a happy camper!