Be Your BEST.
by Jerry Perez de Tagle
Do you have a goal of how much you want to make this year? I’m not just referring to what salary or income you expect to make, but what is your shot for the stars, “suntok sa buwan” desire or dream that would make you incredibly happy or would really be a big deal for you in your life!
It begins with desire! Can you see the money? This is why I’ve named my business column, “Show Me The Money!” Can you see it, feel it, be it? Do you have Belief, “paniniwala”, in your dream? Can you truly believe, with out a doubt that you can have what you desire? Remember how you used to play as a child and make-believe that you are a pilot, a rock star, or a police officer? Allow yourself to imagine without ridicule or shame; see what you desire in your mind with fun and enthusiasm, just like being a kid again…and smile! For most people this requires you to suspend and put on hold all the questions, disbelief, doubt, obstacles, failures, and losses that may be part of your past. Notice that it’s the past beliefs and experiences that are defining your present, and in many ways is also defining your future! It’s like you’re driving by looking at the rear view mirror. That’s how many of us drive our lives. Instead of looking ahead at where we want to go, the road map of the past guides our journey.
What journey map are you using; is it a map of prosperity, fun, and wealth or is it a map of poverty, struggle, and being broke? If you where in a TV drama, what script are you playing?
“Show Me The Money!” starts with self awareness of asking the question then looking at where you are now. If you see that you have many doubts and scripts of “realistic obstacles” that’s holding you back, first thing is not to give up, but to understand that you’re human. That’s why the majority of people are continually struggling and are operating from the scripts of poverty thinking: that there’s not enough, the cards are stacked, you’re too old, too young, or what ever belief, truth, “paniniwala”, that makes you feel and justify that it’s not possible.
The simple thing is that as soon as you notice that script, you just need to do one thing. Just say to yourself: “starting now you start driving by looking at where you want to go and not drive by your rear view mirror. You start being driven by your desire of where your heart wants to go with what gets you inspired and excited!”
This is the first step of Belief, in the four-step process of being your:
a practical summary of the steps to:
Believe – in your dreams and your shot for the stars,
Enthusiasm – your emotional state of excitement,
Systems – it’s okay to copy others and just follow successfully proven steps, and
Time – that you take in creating your dream business and/or job.
But what business or career do I do? That’s the easier part after you’ve gotten a handle of the first step: Belief in being your BEST! In next month’s column, we will ask further the questions that makes up the next steps.
Start now. Ask and look at what scripts and dialogue are you living from today?Then ask what new script do you want to live from instead…what’s the destination and the road that makes you inspired and excited? Write it down. Describe this destination in detail and how you want to feel while you’re in this trip!
Jerry was chosen as one of the ten Entrepreneurs of the Year, by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2009. He now lives in Oregon and California, managing multiple businesses in Asia and the US with his wife. He is an author, international speaker, Executive Coach; Co-chairman of the Trade & Industry Committee & Asst Sec of the Philippines American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon; CEO of IL International; SMD with the Revolution Financial Management; Portland Bureau Chief of Fil Am Inquirer.
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