b52207520406ef5964baa1a9656f4c6bKaren Aquinas, of Biofield Health Services, joined the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce only a few short months ago.  She reached out to us a couple day sago to share some great news:
“I first attended Greeters as a visitor and knew “this isn’t the crowd for me”.  For many months Holly unobtrusively continued to encourage and point out the perks of being a Chamber member. I finally joined and attended my second Greeters.  At that time I decided what I need to do is just keep showing up, stating my name and business and doing what I could to support fellow members.  I figured, one day, someone in the Chamber would meet someone who had worked with me and they would think, ‘I know her’!
After only a month the cost of my membership had been covered by Chamber members investing in my services, but best of all, I meet fabulous people and enjoy visiting with them every week at Friday morning Greeters.”
We are proud to be part of your success.  Promoting Members and Engaging Community are a couple of the great reasons we are here for McMinnville and our surrounding area.  If you have any questions or need some information please don’t hesitate to contact Holly Gleason at hgleason@mcminnville.org.