Our ALL STAR spotlight shines on Charles Hillestad!

Attorney Charles HillstadThe Blue Ribbon shown next to local attorney Charles Hillestad was won at the State Fair this year for photography, not law. They don’t give blue ribbons for the practice of law which is what he does for a living. Still, he wanted you to know that he strives for “blue ribbon quality work” in all fields of endeavor and particularly the law.

For the past four decades, his legal career has been almost exclusively devoted to the area known as Property Law – an amalgram of real estate, trust, corporate and general business law. He principally provides assistance for clients of all types who are buying, selling, developing, leasing and managing property and businesses. And, rather than just reacting to legal crisis, he also encourages clients to look far ahead and find ways to operate on a “Preventive Law” basis. It’s similar to the concept of Preventive Medicine, essentially advice for the cautious and those who shoud be cautious.

What does Hillestad like best about his job? it’s the fact that Property Law is one of the few areas of law where it is often possible for everyone involved to walk away from the table smiling, happy, shaking hands and glad they met each other. That’s not always the case, but since the subject matter of his type of practice is often helping create new businesses, new jobs, new construction, new agreements and new sales, a win/win situation becomes both a desired goal and frequently achievable.

Congratulate Charles if you see him out and about!