Oregon OHA has issued updated face covering guidelines (in 12 languages).

    • The guidelines further define face coverings, face shields and masks: face covering means a cloth, paper or disposable face covering that covers the nose and mouth; face shield means a clear plastic shield the covers the forehead and extends below the chin and wraps around the side of the face; mask means a medical grade mask.
    • The guidance further says that “in most businesses, indoor spaces open to the public, and outdoor spaces open to the public individuals five (5) years of age and older are required to wear a mask, face shield or face covering.” You can find more information here: https://govstatus.egov.com/or-oha-face-coverings.
    • There is statewide guidance for businesses where masks, face shields or face coverings are required and it is attached for your reference. Per the guidelines (attached), “Business” means: § Grocery stores § Fitness-related organizations § Indoor and outdoor entertainment facility operators (zoos, museums, drive-in movie theaters, raceways, outdoor gardens and aquariums) § Indoor and outdoor licensed swimming pools, licensed spa pools, and sports court operators in Phase One and Two counties § Indoor and Outdoor Markets and Street Fairs § Indoor and outdoor recreational sports operators for specified sports § Outdoor recreation organizations § Pharmacies § Private career schools, except where other sector guidance applies § Public transit agencies and providers § Public and private colleges and universities, except where other sector guidance applies § Personal services providers § Restaurants, bars, breweries, brewpubs, wineries, tasting rooms and distilleries § Retail stores, shopping centers and malls § Ride sharing services § Youth programs”.
    • The document goes on to say that: Businesses and persons responsible for an indoor or outdoor space open to the public and persons responsible for public and private workplaces: • Provide, at no cost, face coverings for customers and visitors who do not have one. • Post signs about the mask, face covering or face shield requirement in languages that are commonly spoken by customers, visitors and students. • Educate employees: § On how to safely work and communicate with people who cannot wear masks, face coverings or face shields. § That they may need to replace a mask or face covering with a transparent cover such as a face shield while communicating with an individual who needs to read lips or see facial expressions to communicate. AND: “• Masks, face coverings or face shields are required at all times for employees, contractors and volunteers in public and private workplaces, including hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, elevators, lobbies, break rooms, meeting rooms and other common and shared spaces, unless employees, contractors or volunteers are at a private, individual workspace not shared with other people.”

state guidance for bus re face coverings