Do you want to pay $0.16 more per gallon for gas?

The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce wants you to be informed about legislative issues that impact business. HB2020 is a bill that will significantly impact Oregon, our community, businesses and residents. Please consider using the customizable letter below regarding the proposed carbon bill. Effectively, this bill will be a negative impact to Oregon. With some of the lowest carbon emissions in the world, Oregon stands to lose significantly if the bill passes. Most notably, it will cost up to $0.16 cents more per gallon at the pump, and kill jobs.

In a 2016 report done by FTI Consulting, the impact to Oregon would be detrimental. In an Economic Impact Analysis of the 2016 Cap and Trade Bill (SB1574) found that Oregon’s GDP would decrease $1.3 billion, employment would lose 4,800 jobs, and real income would be down $1.8 billion by the year 2035. By 2050, GDP would be down $4.5 billion, employment would lose 16,900 jobs, and real income would be down $6.1 billion dollars. This is something that we do not want to see happen in Oregon.

Please use the letter below, and send it into the list of legislators on the Carbon Reduction Committee today. Testimony you send can also be read into the record by sending it to this email address: You can include how this bill will impact your business and your employees.

The best form of contact is by email. Below, we have listed the senators and representatives who are on the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction. These people are great contacts to express how you feel about HB 2020 and Cap-And-Trade.

Cap and Trade Economic Study 2016

hb2020 cap and trade

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Gioia Goodrum

Dear _____

I am concerned about the impacts of HB 2020 on my local community. This bill has significant negative impacts on local businesses and families.

If Oregon passes a cap-and-trade law, it will increase the cost of living and working in Oregon. All residents will bear the cost of fuel increases and increased natural gas rates. The price of fuel would increase by at least 16 cents per gallon and would drive Oregon to have the third-highest gas prices in the country. Natural gas prices would also increase by double digits in the first year. This not only hurts local families but businesses as well. Companies in Oregon would end up paying higher energy and operating costs, which would result in fewer living-wage jobs. This is especially concerning in rural areas.

As drafted, HB 2020 penalizes companies that make or grow things in Oregon. It also raises hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue without any accountability for how the money is spent.

Oregon is already a leader in renewable energy and low carbon-emissions. House Bill 2020 would increase the cost of gas, heating, and food for all Oregonians, but it won’t make a difference in global climate change. Please protect my community and vote NO on HB 2020.



(Your Name)

More information about the Cap-And-Trade bill SB 1574 from 2016 can be found in the Oregon Cap-And-Trade Economic Analysis attachment. A copy of HB2020, as it was presented at the legislature is attached.

Joint committee on Carbon Reduction: