McMinnville Chamber of Commerce Candidate Questionnaire

Dear Reader,

The following questions (link at the bottom of this post) were posed to candidates by the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce.  The questions were designed by the Government Affairs Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  Each candidate running for office in a position or district that would represent a piece, or the whole, of McMinnville was sent a specific questionnaire to their candidacy.  The following answers are directly from the candidates and have not been edited for content, spelling, or grammar; however, editing for consistent formatting was completed to create this document.

Any candidates not included in this questionnaire is only due to the Chamber not receiving the candidates feedback by the deadline needed (including an extension).  The Chamber is not endorsing candidates in any race, only serving to provide Awareness and Education about candidates and their position on points that the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce leadership felt were important to clarify.

If you have any questions please contact Nathan Knottingham at

For more information on other measures, candidates, or voting questions please see the Secretary of States Website.

2014 McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce Candidate Questionnaire Compilation