2014 Economic Forum and Presenters

2014 Economic Forum and Presenters

McMinnville Chamber Hosts 2014 Economic Forum Lunch

The McMinnville Chamber hosted the 2014 Economic Forum lunch February 13.  Over 73 guests attended the economic presentations.  Presenters included the Managing Director of Business, Innovation and Trade for the State of Oregon Karen Goddin; Jeff Lorton from Yamhill County; and Jody Christensen from the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership.

The goal of this year’s forum was to get an idea of what each division is focusing on, what they saw in 2013, and what they foresee happening in 2014.  Ms. Goddin spoke of the programs and help that the State can offer businesses of all sizes who are looking to invest in development and growth, while Mr. Lorton focused on work force readiness in the county, and Ms. Christensen was excited about the attention our local manufacturers are receiving for quality and production.

Attendees were pleased with the turnout of community represented as well as the information provided.   The stage was dutifully set for the next Economic Forum in 2015 and the McMinnville Chamber is excited to host this annually.

The presenters asked the attendees a few questions via survey that was handed out at the Forum.  However, the answers are not dependent on the presentations and we would like to get your feedback too: Take Survey

Look for the next Forum Luncheon coming soon!