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McMinnville Chamber Launches Online Education

The McMinnville Chamber launches new online education platform.  This platform is for everyone to use at any level.  Members, potential members, and citizens alike can get high quality online education at a low price through the Chambers relationships with education providers.

Classes range from HR, marketing, management, leadership, how-to’s, and so much more.  If you like to learn with a little guidance, and prefer to do it at your own speed from the comfort of your home, office, or home-office then check it out.

Are you the trainer for a large company?  Then by purchasing multiple licenses of the same course you will also save money.  Many courses are also certified CET.  Check them out and let us know what you think.

If you have trouble with a course please let us know right away.  Our service provider will be quick to respond and get it worked out for you.  All payments will go through Coggno Education site, so when you’re redirected it’s okay.

Access the Online Education Platform from the home page by selecting Education on the menu bar.  Many courses provide very descriptive outlines and will answer the majority of all questions.

The McMinnville Chamber has invested in this service as a response from many members who want more education opportunities, but for one reason or another have a very hard time accessing a live training event.  In an era with Time Poverty running rampant in our economy, especially for small business owners with staff at 10 or less, this is a way to obtain efficient learning and education.

“I believe strongly in online education as a viable and cost effective way to get continuing education,” says Nathan Knottingham, new CEO of the Chamber.  “I actually completed my Masters degree through online studies and the result was intensive study, high level of retention, and an increase in overall computer communication skills.”

The McMinnville Chamber is proud to present this next benefit to the entire community of McMinnville and Yamhill County.  Please help us spread the word.

Happy learning!