McMinnville Chamber introduces new business resources.  These resources are provided by the State of Oregon and are free to anyone to use.  The goal is, as always, advance the ability of all businesses to thrive in our state.  Locally thriving can sometimes feel difficult.

Do Business in Oregon

Do Business in Oregon

Yamhill County has the pleasure of being sandwiched between two juggernauts of industry and government in Oregon.  Portland boasts the business growth and edge while Salem stands up the political arena as the State Capital.  But do you know what is ALWAYS in the middle of the sandwich?  The GREAT stuff!  No one orders a sandwich with the middle removed, instead they usually order a sandwich open-faced, or even without the bread altogether.

It’s our pleasure as businesses in McMinnville and Yamhill County to accept our fate as one of the best regions Oregon has to offer the world, the middle of a classy sandwich.  You know why that is, because you’re a part of our awesomeness.  But to be even more awesome, even more exceptional at what we do, we all need more help and better resources.  The State of Oregon is providing two of these resources already:

The first is the website  Want to know what competitive advantages you have in Oregon verses other states?  This will tell you.  Going to your next association meeting and want something to brag about?  Find the facts here.  But most importantly, at least to my mind right now, is this amazing Financing Widget.  Answer 3 questions about your business and it will give you links to programs, financing, and people that can answer your questions.  It is easy to use and extremely helpful!

The second amazing tool is very new.  Oregon Prospector is an interactive and DEEP tool that will give you facts and figures on almost any level you could want them.  Thinking about a new marketing campaign, but want to only advertise to men with kids who live in a household income greater than $65,000 annually and who spend $35 or more each month on hair care product?  Well then this is the place to find that information (if you think I’m joking, then try it out for yourself, it works)!

Use these free tools to find answers to your business needs.  If you want more help please contact the Chamber Office @ 503.472.6196 or email and we will schedule some time to meet right away.  The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce wants to see you succeed.  Now you know, so half the battle is already won.

~Respectfully submitted by Nathan Knottingham