The State has been working on several sector areas over the weekend. It has been determined that retail will now open statewide on May 15. The approved sector guidelines and the reopening plan submissions by county, can be found on these two sites:  Governor Brown’s COVID-19 site. It is refreshed often. The Oregon Health Authority has the multiple resources including guidance and printable signage provided in eight (8) languages. There will be a forthcoming Executive Order with additional information.

We have not heard about gyms officially, however, we are told that in Phase 1, they can open. We will keep you posted once we have more details. The guidelines for gyms has not yet been published.

 Here are more details about retail, malls, and May 15th. 

  • Retail forced to close in EO (Executive Order) 20-12, furniture/jewelry/boutiques are able to operate statewide under the new retail guidelines effective May 15th. A forthcoming Executive Order will be issued to clarify the ability to operate under the baseline (pre-phase 1) conditions. These entities, along with all other retail must comply with the retail guidelines on May 15th. See attached guidelines.
  • Retail in EO 20-12 that had an exclusion, grocery/health care/medical or pharmacy, no longer have an exclusion from operating differently than any other retail and need to now comply with the new retail guidelines. Retail guidelines are applicable statewide effective May 15th.

Compliance with any provisions any retail–including grocery/healthcare/medical and pharmacy–are not currently operating under is strongly encourage by May 15th and must be adhered to by May 22nd.  

  • Mall guidance will be separated from the general retail guidance and will be part of Phase 1 operations.

Yamhill County Board of Commissioners approved the county reopening plan. It will be sent to the Governor’s Office and Oregon Health Authority for approval. Once approved, our county can officially open, and should adhere to the guidelines for employers and the public. The guidelines are attached for you. We will let you know when we hear it has been approved. You can also check the Governor’s covid site for a listing of all county applicants and where they are in the process:

SEE guidelines below. (We are waiting on guidelines for Gyms, Childcare, Summer school/camps/youth activities, transit.)

Yamhill County Reopen Plan 5.7.20

Or guidelines restaurants and bars

Or guidelines personal services – barbers salons massage etc

Or guidelines outdoor rec

Or guidelines malls

Or guidelines for retail reopening

Or guidance face coverings

Or gen guidance for the public reopening

Or gen guidance for employers reopening

(04.28.2020) Employer_Resuming_Operations-FAQs