By: Oregon Mutual, President CEO Steve Patterson

As I write this note I can’t help but imagine the conversation I could have with the founders of our company about the re-branding of the venture they started, what it means, and why. Oregon Mutual is re-branding after 50 years because our agents, many who insure themselves with us, told us that they love the company, our products and services but that we don’t do enough to tell our great story or to make ourselves better known to their customers and potential customers. The new brand is a part of our 125th year and blends our history of great service and financial stability with new systems, websites, portals and better ways for agents and members to interact with us.

Our new look will accompany new materials and resources designed to let you know who we are and what we do so that you can evaluate this local business that does everything the big company’s do with one exception, we don’t spend millions sponsoring sporting events on television. In the end, we want our members to be impressed with the manner in which we keep our promises and not necessarily how memorable the commercial was that made those promises. That said, we want our new look to inspire you to find out how we can serve you and why you might want us to.

The Sunrise Logo with our initials illustrating the rising sun over the iconic Cascade Mountains is familiar to everyone who has ever served Oregon Mutual. This company was founded to allow neighbors help neighbors, protect communities, and be its best on days that may be our member’s worst.  We carry that responsibility proudly today.  Our new brand and message, “Oregon, It’s Who We Are”  allows us to convey our state and regional pride, our local and caring staff, and our desire to still help our neighbors and protect communities.  And when we treat you with respect, empathy and understanding; when we communicate what you can and should expect and then exceed those expectations, that’s not a show we put on for an advertisement, “It’s Who We Are!”

Thank you,

Steve Patterson, President and CEO

Oregon Mutual Insurance Company

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