Oregon OSHA posted the temporary standards for all workplaces. The posters regarding COVID hazards, both English and Spanish, can be found here or on the OSHA’s site. OSHA has also provided an overview table of workplaces subject to the rule and an exposure risk assessment form, that we’ve attached for you and can also be found below or here. Scroll down midway on their site to see the posting.

This rule applies to all employees working in places of employment subject to Oregon OSHA’s jurisdiction. For clarity and ease of reference, this rule refers to “COVID-19” when describing exposures or potential exposures to SARSCoV-2, the virus that causes Coronavirus Disease 2019.

General Rules Include:

Physical distancing Workers must be separated from one another and other individuals by at least 6 feet.

Facial covering In most indoor environments, as well as outdoor situations where 6 feet of physical distance from others cannot be maintained, a proper face covering that covers the nose and mouth is required.

Workplace risk assessment Talk to your employer about COVID-19 risks in the workplace and how to address them.

Notify your employer when you feel sick cough, shortness of breath, fever, etc.

Wash your hands often.

Workers: If you have been quarantined due to COVID-19, contact your employer about available leave options. You have the right to notify your employer or Oregon OSHA about workplace hazards. Oregon OSHA
will keep your name confidential if you ask.

Overview-Table-for-Oregon-OSHA-COVID-19-Temporary-Rule (PDF)

Osha rules temporary standard for all workplaces (PDF)

Norma temporal de OSHA para todos lugares de trabajo (PDF)

exposure-risk-assessment-form (PDF) VISIT OSHA site for the word document fillable form

You have the right to report a work-related injury or illness, without being retaliated or discriminated against.

You can file a complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries within 90 days, or with federal OSHA within 30 days, of discrimination by your employer for making safety and health complaints or for exercising your rights under the Oregon Safe Employment Act.


English 1-800-922-2689 | Español 1-800-843-8086 | osha.oregon.gov