September Ambassador Highlight is on the DK Masterson Real Estate Team at Premiere Property Group.

“We make a great team because we are both facilitators by nature. Instead of leading you down a path, we give you the opportunity to choose your own path.” – Dan & Kristi Masterson

This month we are honored to highlight Dan & Kristi Masterson, a husband and wife team who is passionate about connecting community through relationships personally and professionally as Real Estate Brokers with DK Masterson Real Estate Team at Premiere Property Group.

Kristi grew up in McMinnville and graduated from McMinnville High School and lived here when the population was just 13,000. After relocating for work and meeting Dan they fell in love and married in 2007. They moved back home to McMinnville in 2014 and both decided that they wanted to go into business together and both got their Real Estate Licenses. Dan & Kristi work extremely hard to improve themselves by investing in education consistently so they can provide increasing opportunities to “guide people in home ownership.”

Their love for helping others is so obvious, and their love for each other is just as amazing. Dan shares, “We don’t have lunch together because we have too, it’s because we’re best friends.”

This dynamic duo believes in service and the power of giving back. They enjoy spending time with family, traveling and enjoying the sunshine. They are just amazing people who truly care. We are honored to have them on our team since 2017.

Dan and Kristi, we honor you for your willingness to selflessly serve and your dedication to customer service and for how thoughtful you are when working with others. Thank you for your service in the community and with your Chamber, and for all you do!

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