Connie Rolfe recognized for demonstrating compassion and unwavering commitment to helping others

Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) is proud to announce that Connie Rolfe has been recognized as the facility’s 2023 Mercy Award winner. The Mercy Award recognizes one employee from each of Lifepoint Health’s facilities who profoundly touches the lives of others and best represents the spirit and values on which the company was founded.

The Mercy Award is an annual recognition program that honors the life and contributions of Scott Mercy, Lifepoint’s founding chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The award is considered the highest honor a Lifepoint employee can receive.

“At WVMC, we share Lifepoint’s commitment to making communities healthier, and we recognize this is supported by the good work and service of our employees on and off the job,” said Michael Mulkey, WVMC CEO. “We are extremely proud to recognize Connie for her efforts on behalf of our patients and our community. She goes above and beyond each and every day to ensure that every person she encounters receives the highest level of care and compassion.”

Connie has worked at WVMC for over 22 years and currently serves as Director of Therapy and Rehabilitation Services. As a physical therapist and clinical leader, she does whatever it takes to ensure her patients receive the highest level of quality care – both within her department and across the hospital. For example, she has worked closely with the Admissions department to improve the registration process for her patients, resulting in reduced wait times and better service. Additionally, as leader of the hospital’s Falls Committee, Connie has implemented innovative solutions to foster awareness and transparency around falls. Her contributions to our community and our hospital are many and invaluable, and her commitment to patient care is unwavering.

Each facility winner, including Connie, will be considered for Lifepoint’s 2023 companywide Mercy Award. The companywide winner will be announced this summer and honored during a ceremony in Nashville, Tenn., in August.

WVMC_Connie Rolfe Mercy Award Recipient_Press Release 08152023