The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce announces Lindsay Dobie, Chief Marketing Officer at First Federal as the Member of the Quarter.

Lindsay is a bright shining star that shines all over Yamhill County. She is an active community member that is always ready to be of help. The Chamber is proud to recognize Lindsay as an outstanding supporter of the many McMinnville Chamber programs and for the active role that she plays in our surrounding communities. When there is a community project, chances are you will find the amazing Lindsay alongside it.

The Chamber worked with the First Federal Branch Manager Sandy and arranged a surprise presentation of the award and was lucky enough to catch Lindsay in action. When we arrived at First Federal to award Lindsay, we were thrilled by the support of her organization and her team members. The Chamber is grateful to First Federal for their community leadership and support.

The Member of the Quarter award is given to employees of chamber members who show exemplary leadership and are champions for our community. Lindsay Dobie is a true community champion!