Synergistic Direct Care, P.C. synergistic
Michael Jaczko
PO Box 733, Carlton, OR 97111
(503) 662-8051

Synergistic Direct Care is an innovative healthcare delivery system specifically designed around patient wellness, convenience and collaboration. Drs. Michael Jaczko and Robyn Dreibelbis are tenured, Board Certified Family Medicine physicians practicing the full scope of holistic primary care.

Some of the benefits of this program include 24/7 access by phone, email or text directly to your doctor, same or next day appointments, home visits, 30-120 minute appointment times and osteopathic manual medicine treatments. Patient advocacy and support are assured by limiting the enrollment to only 200-300 members (a typical panel is 2500-3500). Our attentive, patient-centric service offers true comprehensive wellness care, not just band-aids for your healthcare needs.

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