McMinnville Chamber Supports Small Businesses.  Recently I heard that one of our great members came to the aid of the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce when they overheard a person say that the Chamber is only for big businesses with deep pockets and finances.  That’s a common misunderstanding, but when you really look at why people think that it goes back to 30 – 50+ years.  Companies that were small were involved in local Chambers, they succeeded, they grew, and now they are the big companies associated with Chambers of Commerce.

Locally think about some of the companies that are institutions in our community.  Take a look at this photo, recognize any faces?

Chamber Past Presidents

How about Top Row 6th from the Left: that’s Ezra Koch – City Sanitation (WOW); same row 9th from the left: Phil Bladine – News Register; or same row 7th from the left: Glen Macy – Macy’s Funeral Services.  Do those names ring a bell?  Would you consider them “big businesses with deep pockets?”  Maybe not, but someone new too town may think their businesses are “big” and they over shadow the small businesses in town.

All of the men pictured are Past Presidents of the Chamber Board of Directors (many women have also served in this role a few years later, but not pictured). All worked for companies that were once small, but some grew with our town and became the institutions that make our city and greater community so wonderful.  Common connection?  The McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce.

This next week we will join the nation in celebrating National Small Business Week.  A week that has been set aside by the Small Business Association to support, encourage, and educate about the importance of small business.  Small businesses are the life blood of our economy and our community.  A strong business community must have big business and small business united in doing better business in their town.  The uniting factor is more often than not a Chamber of Commerce, at least that is our goal as the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tell a small business owner that you really appreciate them this next week (and always after that).  Make sure you say thank you for being invested in our town and in our community.

If you operate or work for a small company – we thank you!  There are many resources out there for you to use to start, stabilize, and grow.  If you ever need help, member or not, please call on us.  We want to see you succeed and have many connections that can help you.

McMinnville Chamber Supports Small Businesses, check out these resources below:

SBA National Small Business Week

Oregon 4 Biz

McMinnville Economic Development Partnership

Small Business Majority

Help us fill in the blanks!