MV Advancements (MVA) is pleased to announce the sale of Serendipity Ice Cream to Kevin and Becky Simpson. Some of you may know the Simpsons as the owners of Simpson Electrical Construction Co. – an established business in Yamhill County for the last 21 years and This Girl Friday- Becky’s bookkeeping business that supports many of our favorite downtown McMinnville businesses.

The Simpson’s have called McMinnville home for almost 25 years and have raised their four adult children in McMinnville. Giving back to the local community has been a long-time priority for this family and they are excited about this new phase and transition into “making your stroll down Third Street ‘sweet’!”

We are passionate about this community that has helped us raise our kids and pour into them. We have enjoyed watching people stroll down Third Street with an ice cream cone in hand and a smile on their face. We love things that bring people together, and we believe a love for ice cream is one of those things.”  -Becky Simpson

What does the future look like for Serendipity? Anything is popsicle! Literally, Serendipity has always been the sweet spot of Third Street, a nostalgic and historic staple, and the Simpson family desires for it to stay that way. There are planning for some tasty new additions to the menu down the road, but they have promised to continue delivering Serendipity’s local, home-grown feel and charm.

We are so grateful to MV Advancements for giving us the honor of continuing Serendipity’s nostalgic legacy and plan to work together in the upcoming reopening and future of your favorite local ice cream shop. Our family loves McMinnville and feels blessed to live in one of America’s best small towns.” – Becky Simpson

MV Advancements supports adults who experience a disability to live full lives. Serendipity Ice Cream was founded in 2000 by MVA to expand employment options and provide job skills training. At that time, employment options were very limited for people with disabilities. Over the past 20 years, Serendipity has become an institution on Third Street and it was the first work opportunity for many, including young people who do not experience a disability. Today, MVA supports many people who are essential workers during the pandemic who are employed at local businesses including grocery stores, retirement communities, and auto dealerships. These individuals are on the front lines, keeping us safe, providing needed supplies and necessary services.

The good news for people with disabilities is that MV Advancements no longer needs to create jobs for people who experience a disability. By helping people find their passion and matching this passion and motivation with business needs, we are truly able to meet our mission of assisting people to reach their highest potential. A job is a human equalizer and it builds confidence as well as the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with co-workers. Whether we experience a disability or not, MVA believes all people should have the opportunity to give back, be independent, find meaning in their work and be part of something bigger than ourselves. These things are what a job provides.

As a result of the recent pandemic, MV Advancements, like many businesses is rethinking its mission and vision for the individuals we support. This rethinking ultimately brought about the decision to sell Serendipity Ice Cream.“ Kathy Schlotfeldt

Serendipity is an integral part of Third Street and MV Advancements plans to partner with the new owners to continue the legacy of creating community, expanding workplace inclusivity and spreading joy to others in the form of delicious, sweet treats. MV Advancements, together with Kevin and Becky Simpson have created a true partnership in this transition to take the business to the next level of success, and maintain the home grown, small town feel of the shop.